1.5 Oz Clear Plastic Soufflé Cups – Case of 2500 Units (only cup)

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Showcasing our bulk case of 2500 transparent 1.5 Oz plastic soufflé cups: the ultimate selection for bulk users seeking clarity, quality, and value.

Experience precision and elegance with our 1.5 Oz clear plastic soufflé cups. Manufactured from premium-quality plastic, these cups stand out as an ideal choice for portioning sauces, condiments, samples, tastings, and even shots. Their transparent design not only offers a sleek, professional look but also allows for quick and easy content identification, ensuring a smooth experience for both servers and guests.

Each case contains 2500 units, catering to the needs of large events, restaurants, catering services, and other commercial setups that require consistent and reliable supplies. The 1.5 oz capacity is designed for perfect portion control, minimizing waste and ensuring guests receive just the right amount every time.

For those in search of a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, these soufflé cups are the answer. They're not only practical but also add a touch of sophistication to any serving scenario.

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