2 oz clear Plastic Soufflé Cups – Case of 2500 Units (only cup)

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Introducing our case of 2500 premium 2 Oz plastic soufflé cups: the top choice for large-scale events and commercial operations.

"Elevate your serving experience with our 2 oz plastic soufflé cups. Crafted from high-grade plastic, these cups are the perfect solution for dishing out sauces, condiments, tastings, shots, and more. Their crystal-clear design ensures a sophisticated presentation and allows users to easily identify contents. Owing to their sturdiness, they stand up against spills and breakage, ensuring a clean and efficient service.

With a whopping 2500 units per case, this pack is ideal for caterings, restaurants, large-scale events, and other scenarios that call for serving a high volume of guests. Moreover, the 2 oz size ensures precise portions, aiding in quantity control and waste reduction.

Whether you're hosting a grand event or running a food establishment, these plastic soufflé cups are a reliable and cost-effective choice without compromising on quality

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